Designing a Consistent Platform

Eventbrite Reserved Seating ยท 2015-2017

The Reserved Seating product is a self-service tool that enables Eventbrite event organizers to create, host, manage and sell tickets to their seated events ("Seat Designer"), and lets attendees to pick and buy their own seats ("Pick a Seat"). The feature set can be found within the web core product as well as in the Organizer native app.

See the design process from Core77 Interaction Award 2016.

seat designer

My Role

I collaborated with an user experience architect and led the product design of the Reserved Seating product between June 2015 and April 2017.

Projects include: Seat Designer v2, Responsive Consumer Pick a Seat, Inventory Holds, Public Discount, Reserved Seating for Music Camping Events, Season Tickets, View from Seat Android app, etc.

The Challenges

  • Working with an ongoing re-brand initiative
  • New features for new event types
Some features added as the project progresses
As our clientele diversifies, uses cases such as inventory holds for music events and sports venue object stencils for college sports are added to the roadmap. It was crucial to ensure reserved seating product scales while maintaining a coherent look and feel throughout the user journey.

One Platform for All

There hasn't been an elegant and simple way of creating, selling and managing reserved seating events in a self service fashion in the live experiences industry. As a marketplace, our goal is to design and deliver a fully self service product that is robust enough to cater to events up to 100,000 seats across a myriad of event types and venues, while feeling simple and intuitive to use.

To keep the experience on both sides of the marketplace consistent, I have consolidated all components and patterns cross different touch points of the Reserved Seating product, refined the design and improved colors for accessibility. As a result, a pattern sheet with unified layout and design specs is defined for the product.

Incremental Improvements

Designing and building a product of this scope and complexity is a multi-year endeavor, with numerous releases at various times. Every round of iteration and release was accompanied by user testings and interviews at different degrees; issues varying from functional, usability, interaction and visual aspects are being addressed incrementally thanks to active collaboration between product, engineering and design. Design QA was a continuous effort to make sure the interactions are correctly implemented.

pick a seat

One of the recent design project was Reserved Seating on mobile web, specifically targeting at Music Camping events with packages.

A Touch of Personality

Ticketing is stressful, but it doesn't have to be. To add a bit of playfulness to the product and differentiate our brand to that of competitors, I have explored some subtle animations and ideas.

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Focal point animation
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