Personal Project ยท 2015

Why Another Cooking App?

Pocket Chef revolutionizes the traditional cooking experience: by utilizing interactions between Android smartphone and Android Wear, Pocket Chef lets you customize your recipe, minimizes on-screen interaction, and helps you to find alternative ingredients when you don't have them at hand.



The Users

Pocket Chef's primary users are enthusiastic cooks. They like cooking regardless of how often they cook, have at least basic skills, and cook because they want to, not because they have to. To date, enthusiastic cooks comprise 40% of the U.S. population.

The takeaway? Users will benefit from a hassle-free, customizable recipe that requires minimal on-screen interaction, so they can fully unleash their creativity and enjoy the process of cooking.



To make the app friendly and appetizing, I have used rounded corners for the icon set and logotype treatment, and sampled colors from a variety of vegetables.


Concept Sketches

Big phones are the trend, but it is not convenient for people with smaller hands. I created a movable menu button that is completely, single-handedly reachable.


User Interface

cooks cooks


Find alternative ingredients, transfer recipes from phone to watch, customize your recipe... I have explored some ideas on interaction.